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Homestead Farm, located on Campbell Road and the waters of Beaverdam Creek, was the home of the Lanford family for nearly 150 years. The house stands on a portion of the 400 acres of land that Jane Hawks (later Jane Posey) of Hanover patented in 1750. Edward Webster acquired this land and sold it in 1762. For the next forty-one years the property was owned by Alexander Baine, and it is believed that the house was built during his ownership. In 1803 a 200 acre portion of the estate was sold to Nathan and Barbara Terry Smith, who conveyed it nine years later to William and Susan Grantland. In 1817 Richard Lanford purchased the property, which thereafter was known as the Homestead tract or Homestead Farm.

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The old home, which has had several additions, tastefully combines the original 1800s structure, a 1900s expansion, and a late twentieth-century addition, into a beautifully restored country manor house. The western end, with one nine-over-nine window on each story and the front door, was the earlier structure. Around the turn of the twentieth century, the house expanded eastward, as evidenced by two additional nine-over-nine windows on each story and an additional end chimney. In the late 1990s, J. Bruce and Katherine Eckert added the classic two-story wing with a balcony over the front porch, the one-story dining wing with another large fireplace, as well as a story- and a-half wing that connects the new structure to the old home. The current owners enclosed a rear porch, which overlooks a pond, and remodeled and added a wing to the log cabin which was moved to the property in the late 1990s.